Wherever you are coming from, however you got here, make yourself at home. 

This is my sacred spot—a place I use to practice an affordable version of cognitive self-therapy. Here I attempt to articulate feelings and emotions, to explore and give shape to ideas, to challenge my own beliefs. 

You will find that things around here are kept deliberately simple. 

There is no grandiose plan for this site outside maintaining my own sanity. So don’t expect routine, much less structure. 

Sometimes I write in English, otras veces en español.

Sometimes I write three posts in a month. Sometimes months go by without a post. 

Sometimes posts are long and vivid. Sometimes I briefly long for vivid thoughts. 

I have only one ask of you, don’t leave your website/blog/product/service in the comments. There are no ads on this site for a reason. If you really believe I’ll find useful whatever it is you do, send me a private email. And, needless to say, be respectful with your comments.

Welcome to The Foreigner,

David R.

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