Mentors of shouldn’t and mentors of should

Sendai, Japan

The mentors of shouldn’t are those voices that tell you to do or pursue the apparently irrational, the controversial, the uncommon. Sometimes you can also call them the mentors of must. They steer you toward the experiences you must try, the goals you must attempt to accomplish, the relationships you must build or break. Even if, most often when, common sense, friends and family tell you you shouldn’t. The mentors of shouldn’t are the ones you must listen to when you are not ready, when you fear the outcome, when you feel trapped. The mentors of shouldn’t are the storm you have to go through. 

The mentors of should, on the other hand, are the ones that help you navigate calm waters, guiding your boat after the storm have passed, bringing you safely ashore. They provide the insights you need on stillness, joy and fulfillment. They teach you how to find sturdiness within you after months of emotional and physical cataclysm. 

But you need the cataclysm.

Do you like the cover photo? Check Mikey Dabro’s amazing art here and here.

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