What I’m doing now

Last international commitment 

I’m writing these lines from my office at the European Space Research and Technology Center in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. I should be working instead, I know. But I’m currently on a deadline for a new manuscript and after hours of drafting, I feel like a need to write something else, something less formal. 

This stay of just two months is the last stay abroad required before I can officially submit and defend my PhD. 

Dreaming of farming and crafting 

Lately, I can’t help thinking about other goals I’d like to pursue and projects I’d like to undertake, none of which has nothing to do with anything remotely close to what I’m doing for my PhD.

In these moments of distraction, my mind wanders from joining the #vanlife movement for a year of adventure and introspection to building a chicken coop and raise my own cattle in a farm miles away from civilization. Yes, I can also spot the pattern. 

I guess that writing again on the blog is a small step toward liberation. 

Last update: February 10, 2020.

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