The pace of the elder

  Sendai, Japan. (10 min. read) Be prepared. Grab some tea. Take a deep breath, and go for it. I should have thought that before sinking myself on the couch. You are about to read one of the most challenging posts – if not the most – I’ve ever attempted to write. I work surrounded... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Foreigner!

Sendai, Japan. (3 min read) I left home in the summer of 2014. A smile on my face, eager in my bones, and in my back a bag full of things unsolved about myself. A lot has happened since. I’ve lived in four different countries, met hundreds of people, and gone through countless experiences I... Continue Reading →

What triggers your Mr. Hyde

Tokyo, Japan. (7 min read) On emotional intelligence and how to get along with your unpredictable self. Today was an interesting day. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have completely lost control of your emotions right before realizing how much damage you have caused, how much time you have wasted, and... Continue Reading →

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