Welcome to the Foreigner!

Sendai, Japan. (3 min read)

I left home in the summer of 2014. A smile on my face, eager in my bones, and in my back a bag full of things unsolved about myself. A lot has happened since. I’ve lived in four different countries, met hundreds of people, and gone through countless experiences I never would have thought I’d live.

Moving away from home is more than just a good opportunity to open your mind. The way I see it, and since I’m lucky enough to have never been obliged to do what I do, living abroad is a chance for you to understand the true meaning of life and culture. Away is where I’ve got the chance to get new perspectives, re-evaluate my list of priorities, and gain new values. Surrounding myself with an unfamiliar environment has been the best way I’ve found to obtain a broader understanding of who I am. Because on the road that’s the part you learn the most about – it is the uncharted part of yourself that makes the path so thrilling.

But my trip as an outsider began even earlier. Growing up my parents made sure I had the life any kid would dream of. Never facing a struggle, never worried. Always surrounded by love and care, for which I would never be grateful enough. Outside the nest, I never felt to fit within any particular social group. I wasn’t a popular kid, not a repressed either. I found comfort in the greys. They give you a lot of room to breathe, to think, to explore, to pay attention to things no one else does. I wasn’t a smart kid though. I wasn’t a special kid either. I was that kid who always does the right thing trying not to hurt others, trying not to call too match attention.

The moment I stepped into the first plane I knew it was the time for me to find out what I was really made of. What were the other sides of life (the ones not so bright) I’ve been missing out? Proving myself I can do for others what my parents have done for me. I became a foreigner to make sure I surrounded myself with the tools I need to find what my life is all about: who I am, what I care about, whom I want to share my life with, who would say “fuck yeah!” to whatever stupid plan I come up with next.

Leaving home behind was my way of stepping into the lives of hundreds of other people. People who might have grown up surrounded by totally different environments, who have struggled with things I have never been exposed to. Those who would teach me those other things I need to learn. People who have taught me how they made truly bold and life-changing decisions I would have never had the courage to make.

I hope for this blog to be a peephole into my journey. I place where I can write and document whatever I’m experiencing or learning or doing or facing. A place where I can give room for the people I love and admire to express themselves.

Welcome to a completely unfamiliar territory. Because here, you’re the foreigner.

“People say what we are all seeking is a meaning for life, but I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think what we are seeking is the experience of truly being alive” –  Joseph Campbell.

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